Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix creates Michigan jobs

BELLE ISLE (WXYZ) – The Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix will have a major impact on the Detroit area economy.

It is estimated that the week-end events will pump at least $55 million dollars into our economy and create thousands of jobs.

For example, the catering company that will be supplying the corporate suites will be employing 1,000 workers. Executives from Andiamo tell 7 Action News that they have been planning for months.

Stewart Davidson of Andiamo says they are making a conscious effort to employ not only Michigan workers, but also highlight Michigan specialties.

Davidson says, “We want to show the best of Michigan to our Grand Prix guests.”

Corporate Chef Jim Oppat says that they reached out to local culinary schools and charitable organizations to make sure that the jobs stay local. Andiamo will be running seven kitchens on the island and preparing 10,000 meals daily for visitors to the corporate suites.

Billy Jensen is especially excited about working for the race.

Jensen tells Action News, “I’m really glad the race is back. I love anything with fast cars.”

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