Having a “Can Do” Spirit

September 12, 2014

Auburn Hills, Mich. – Since the launch of Reliance One’s R1 Impact – Through Serving Others, we’ve continued to look for more ways to get involved within the community, and in doing so, we came across a great service! We want other local businesses to know about Tyler’s Bottle Service.

April Rheingans, Employee Relations Coordinator at Reliance One, saw a posting on Facebook and immediately knew that we needed to partner with Tyler’s Bottle Service. “I knew as soon as I read his story that we had to team up with Tyler and use his services,” said Rheingans. She followed up by saying, “Tyler makes cashing in your returnables very easy – simply send him an email and he will respond with a day and time to schedule your pickup. He will come to your home or place of business and count your returnables on site and give you your cash that day!”

Tyler is very professional and polite, and we look forward to supporting his business! Please take the time to look at the service Tyler is providing for the community.
He is a recent graduate of Michigan Career & Technical Institute, a trade school for individuals with disabilities. With a true American “Can Do” Spirit, Tyler has started his own business.

About Tyler’s Bottle Service

“Hate dealing with all those sticky cans and bottles that need to be returned? Hate feeding them into the return machines one at a time? Did you have a party and are over-run with returnables? We have the solution! Tyler’s Bottle Service will pick up and return those Michigan refundable bottles and cans in Oakland County, Michigan, with other counties upon request.” – https://www.facebook.com/#!/TylersBottleService

About Reliance One, Inc.

Reliance One Inc. is a minority-owned, MMSDC-certified staffing corporation headquartered in Michigan with a focus on matching the ideal professional to a client’s specific needs for both long-term, short-term, or project based positions (including temporary, temporary to direct, or direct).


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April and Tyler's Bottle Service

Be an Optimist

Have you ever had one of those moments, the kind that leave you forever changed?

You’ve heard it said before, people come into our lives for a reason. The article below details one of those scarce instances. One gloomy morning, after coming in contact with a grumpy newspaper salesman, a businessman kept a positive attitude and wished him well. A complete stranger who was also in line for this morning paper stood stunned and questioned why the man was so pleasant to someone who obviously didn’t care; the answer he received changed his entire thought process. “Why would I let someone else control what I say and what I feel or what kind of day I’m going to have?”

The moral of the story goes back to our previous blog topic, Control What You Can Control. Reliance One’s Senior Account Executive, Rob Wicker encouraged job seekers not to dwell on things outside of their control but to do the best at managing what they could. When it comes to job hunting you want to make sure you represent yourself to the best of your ability and prepare for every opportunity that comes your way. Read more of Rob’s tips here: http://wp.me/p2kkqD-8q