Reliance One is Growing!

August 5, 2014

Growth means change, and change can be a great thing! It has been quite the journey, but we are excited to announce the opening of our new office, located in the Bingham Farms area! After months of searching for the right location, tedious planning and budgeting, we finally found the perfect space for Reliance One to expand and grow!

“With every office and cube filled to full capacity in our headquarters, it only made sense for us to open up another office to continue with the momentum and growth we’re experiencing on a daily basis,” said Jeff Gardner, Vice President of Sales at Reliance One.

We moved four teams down to our new location, and they are more than excited to dive in head first and make a huge splash for Reliance One. This is just the beginning of big things to come!

About Reliance One, Inc.

Reliance One Inc. is a minority-owned, MMSDC-certified staffing corporation headquartered in Michigan with a focus on matching the ideal professional to a client’s specific needs for both long-term, short-term, or project based positions (including temporary, temporary to direct, or direct).


Reliance One, Inc.
1700 Harmon Rd.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Fax: (248) 922-5660

Reliance One Expands!

August 27, 2012, Lansing, Mich. – Businesses in Lansing have a new neighbor as Reliance One opened its doors to a new office building in August. The goal for the new office is not only to grow the geographical presence of Reliance One in that zone, but to expand the City of Lansing into the thriving region it once was. The decision to launch a new location was imperative with the recent placement of more than 20 employees in a healthcare facility. Reliance One prides itself on a 24/7customer service model with clients; the ability to be onsite within minutes of a request ensures the company is true to its identity. Businesses like Full Spectrum Solutions, a Jackson manufacturing company, and Tripp’s Auto Shop and Collision Center are expanding to create more jobs in the area. Full Spectrum Solutions recently purchased two new computer numerical control (CNC) machines in order to produce more parts in-house, which will allow them to work with more Michigan Manufacturers. Kyle Leighton, spokesman for Full Spectrum Solutions, commented saying, “It’s better for us, it’s better for the economy.” The Sales Team of Reliance One is looking to partner with corporations in the area to help establish the necessary personnel and solve company’s staffing challenges. Three employees, including an Account Manager, Recruiter, and Administrator are stationed at the Lansing office, where they continue to work hard day in and day out to network with surrounding businesses. The Reliance One office is located at: 15851 S US 27, Building 20, Suite 21, Lansing, MI 48906. If you are in the area or seeking employment, please contact us; 517-574-7021.




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