Building a Culture of Employee Appreciation

Written By: Kristen Latimer, VP of Administration

2017 has been a year of growth, change and uncharted territory. The Executive Team at Reliance One has decided to refocus efforts to increase retention, drive sales and foster a competitive environment. Employee appreciation has been a fun way to involve all levels of the organization and “give back” to our team. Here are the top 5 events for 2017:


  1. March Madness “Pop A Shot” Competition / Party
  2. Ice Cream Truck – Treat Dreams
  3. Family Day @ the Tiger Stadium
  4. Pancake breakfast served by the Exec Team
  5. Cornhole Tournament


Our employees are engaged and have enjoyed the new events that we launched this year. Reliance One is at an all-time high of internal staff members and the feedback from the staff is very positive. What are some creative, fun employee appreciation ideas that you have seen or experienced? Feel free to share your ideas below!


Reliance One Inc. is a minority-owned, MMSDC-certified staffing corporation headquartered in Michigan with offices in Lisle, Illinois and Irving, Texas. Reliance One is focused on matching the ideal professional to a client’s specific needs for both long-term, short-term, or project based positions (including temporary, temporary to direct, or direct). Our sales and recruiting teams can be reached at 248-922-4500 or


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Did You Know: Fun Facts About Your Health Insurance

Written By: Kristen Latimer, VP of Administration

  1. Preventative screening and treatment is fully covered without any out of pocket costs. For a list of what is covered, you can visit:
  2. Most health insurance carriers offer discounts with specific partners. For example, we offer HAP coverage and certain members are eligible for a discount for Weight Watchers programs. Visit your providers website to find more details on discount programs and partners.
  3. Coverage until 26! Once you’re on a parent’s job-based plan, in most cases you can stay on it until you turn 26. Generally, you can join a parent’s plan and stay on until you turn 26 even if you:
    1. Get married
    2. Have or adopt a child
    3. Start or leave school
    4. Live in or out of your parent’s home
    5. Aren’t claimed as a tax dependent
    6. Turn down an offer of job-based coverage

For more information, check with your provider on specific rules and regulations.


Reliance One offers medical, dental and vision benefits to all full time eligible employees. If you are an employee of Reliance One and have questions about your benefits, please contact – Katelyn Allinder at (248) 922-4500

The Roundtable Effect

Written By: Kristen Latimer, VP of Administration

“Some of my best ideas came from someone else.” Think Tank, Vistage, MichBusiness Thrive Affinity Groups, Roundtable Discussions, etc. These are all groups of individuals that have one common goal – to present an idea, problem, or seek guidance and obtain information, ideas and advice. I took a leap of faith and joined the Thrive Affinity Groups in 2012 after hearing about them at a local conference. Being new to Human Resources as well as a one man show, I felt I could really benefit from other professionals. From sharing policies to unique HR situations, I have grown as a professional and learned an immense amount of valuable information.


I have spent the past 5 years working with professionals from a variety of backgrounds. The vast experience of these individuals as well as their commitment to the group has provided us the opportunity to grow a very trusting relationship. Some of the most challenging cases can be brought forth to try and prevent companies violating laws, losing key employees, or implementing change. The goal is to work together and utilize everyone’s experience to our advantage.


In the last year, I was given the privilege to host and moderate a group of my own. It has been great honor to be trusted with the responsibility of creating an effective agenda that includes meaningful content. It has been said many times that the group meetings are a top priority for members and the meetings are well attended. As always, we must follow the 3 governing rules: Confidential discussions, Commitment to participate, Consistency in attendance. It is amazing how many issues are resolved in just a few hours at each monthly meeting.


If you have found yourself trying to Google your way through an issue, or feeling overwhelmed with a new situation, consider finding a local group that allows roundtable discussions. Online forums are great for traditional HR issues that may present themselves, however, there is something to be said about effective, in person communication and the solutions that arise through a collaborative effort. For more information on the HR Thrive Affinity Groups, please visit: