Forgotten Harvest – R1 Impact Through Serving Others

March 3, 2014

Last Thursday was Reliance One’s kick off of our “Day of Service” for our R1 Impact Volunteer program! Two of our employees, Kristen and Caitlin, volunteered their time at the Forgotten Harvest in Oak Park and helped with their warehouse re-pack program.

While at Forgotten Harvest, they unpacked Little Caesar Pizza kits and then repacked them for sorting and delivery. Alongside that, they inspected other food items and sorted them according to what condition they were in. Upon entering the warehouse, they were informed that the facility had strict rules that needed to be followed to ensure cleanliness. “Everyone was required to wear both a hair net and an apron. We were required to make sure our hands were clean at all times and wear gloves,” said Kristen Latimer, Administrative Services Manager.

On their return from volunteering, Kristen and Caitlin informed us on how they were impacted by Forgotten Harvest and how they felt they had impacted them. They stated that they were significantly impacted by realizing how much they take for granted on a daily basis. It was a very humbling experience to realize that by making 300 pizza kits, they helped to feed 300 families. They said they felt like an impact on Forgotten Harvest by being a set of extra helping hands. Every extra hand there meant more food packages for a family in need.

About Forgotten Harvest:

The mission of Forgotten Harvest, founded in 1990, is to relieve hunger in the Detroit metropolitan community by rescuing extra, prepared and perishable food and donating it to emergency food providers. This donated food, which would otherwise go to waste, is delivered free-of-charge to 280 emergency food providers in the Metro Detroit area.

About Reliance One:

Reliance One Inc. is a minority-owned, MMSDC-certified staffing corporation headquartered in Michigan with a focus on matching the ideal professional to a client’s specific needs for both long-term, short-term, or project based positions (including temporary, temporary to direct, or direct).

Media Contact:

Reliance One, Inc.
1700 Harmon Rd.
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Robert Wicker

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