600 People Hired, Looking for 200 More!

April 5th, 2013, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One is looking to put 200 people to work in the next 30 days! We’re hiring test drivers to drive new and pre-production vehicles for a local Tier 1 Supplier. Test drivers simulate consumer use by driving along designated routes for 8 hour shifts. No experience is necessary for this position! We ask that applicants be over the age of 21 with a clean driving record and experience in the car for extended periods of time.  We are currently seeking Part-time employees who have an open availability, that can work flexible shifts anytime between Monday – Sunday. 1st and 2nd shift positions are available, compensation is $8.25 an hour. These positions could evolve into a leadership role, with additional responsibilities, and a pay increase.

The success of the program has grown so much since it began in 2011 that a new location in Warren has opened up. Both Auburn Hills and Warren programs are continuing to increase with advancements such as a driver training program and on-site employees. Come join our team of test drivers! Interviews are being conducted on-site at our Auburn Hills location. Send your resume to drivers@reliance-one.com in order to be considered or call (248) 393-1030 for more information.

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