Top Reasons to Invest in Interns

“Why businesses can’t afford not to have ‘paid’ interns” was an article recently featured on, the piece written by Shandra Martinez explores the importance of establishing an internship program within growing companies. Last summer, Reliance One launched their own internship program by bringing aboard four reputable college students. The program was a great success – the interns spent the summer developing in recruiter roles. Each day they engaged with customers which provided them with hands-on work experience.  By the end of the program they had learned about entrepreneurship and work ethic.

The company plans to continue the internship program again this summer by offering paid opportunities. Jeff Gardner, Vice President of Sales feels, “Our first year of the internship program here at Reliance One paid huge dividends for our company.  We were able to provide a real work atmosphere for college students which enhanced our relationships with local Universities. The interns were extremely productive and fit right into our company culture; we were able to create a pipeline of future employees. Reliance One is already saving seats in local offices for interns this summer.”

What’s the driving factor to hiring interns? As Shandra states in her article, “they [interns] will be the leaders of our corporations in the future.” Here at Reliance One we give them insight to a professional environment, the interns returned the favor by helping to accelerate growth of the company. If you’re interested in learning about internship opportunities send your resume to To read the MLive article referenced  go to:

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