We’re on a Roll…

A hiring roll that is!  Reliance One is expanding at a rapid rate and is looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated individuals to join its team today!  Originally established in a residential basement, Reliance One has since developed into one of the most successful recruiting companies in the state with more than 45 internal employees.  With locations in Auburn Hills (headquarters) and Lansing, Reliance One is looking to branch into new areas like Grand Rapids and Chicago in the very near future.

Jim Beath, co-founder, is excited about the upcoming changes.   “The growth that we’re experiencing is exponential.  Every day we take a few steps towards establishing a foothold in new territories.”  New territories mean we’re promoting Recruiters to Account Manager positions to take over and develop these newly acquired zones. This week alone we’ve hired two new Technical Recruiters, Ognen Stamenkovik and Norman Riopelle. After a week of tutorials, role playing, and training the two will be given the opportunity to take their careers to the next level.

Recent hires Farrah Edwards and Jon Putman are already successfully putting people to work. “I love it here. The atmosphere is incomparable to other workplaces, my peers are genuinely enthusiastic about being here which makes the day more enjoyable”, Farrah expressed. In today’s business, team building is a key differentiator between success and failure.  Do you want to have a say in where your career is headed?  Come be a part of the Reliance One team today!  To apply send your resume to resumes@reliance-one.com.

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