Welcome New Recruiters!

Reliance One is proud to grow their internal staff by welcoming four new Technical Recruiters to the team. Jim Uelmen and Wayne Coulman have been actively recruiting for two weeks and have contributed to the growth of their Account Manager’s territories. “I am enjoying my time at reliance one, I like the team, atmosphere and the continuous encouragement to gain personal growth,” Jim expressed. Both Jim and Wayne are off to successful start, Reliance One is eager to see them thrive in their positions. Jack Thomas and Kathryn King are currently in the training process and will be on their own next week.  Jack attended Eastern Michigan as a graduate student and enjoys watching and playing golf. Kathryn is currently working toward earning her Master’s and was referred to the position by her Account Manager, Ryan Long. Ryan mentioned, “She will be a great addition to our recruiting team. She brings energy, drive and a great attitude to Reliance One.  I’m excited to see her grow as a Recruiter and look forward to helping her reach her professional and personal goals.” All four Recruiters will help Reliance One reach the continuous goal of developing new business and breaking in to new territories.

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