Employees Kevin Gay and Ryan Long have Proved their Dedication

Reliance One recently celebrated two anniversaries, Kevin Gay and Ryan Long were congratulated on their years of hard work and dedication to the company. On September 17th, Account Manager Kevin Gay surpassed his 5 year mark with the corporation. Jeff Gardner, Vice President of Sales, praised Kevin’s hard work and acknowledged how far he had come, “Kevin started with Reliance One as a recruiter 5 years ago and was quickly promoted to an Account Manager. He is now one of our most productive salespeople because of his hard work and dedication to professional development. Our clients appreciate his ability to learn their environment, develop relationships and become a true business partner.”

Another successful business partner, Ryan Long, has devoted himself to the company for 4 years as of September 22, 2012. Uniquely Ryan transitioned from a Recruiter into the Account Manager Position in less than 2 weeks. “It’s hard to believe it has been four years since Ryan joined The Reliance One team. From day one, Ryan made an impact on people and the way we do things. Since then he has become a two time contest winner and continues to make others around him better. It will be exciting to watch what he accomplishes over the next four years,” Acclaimed Reliance One founder, Jim Beath.   Reliance One is honored to have such loyal employees like Kevin and Ryan. We wish them continued success as they move forward within the company.

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