Christie Firestine – New Social Media Coordinator

August 1, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One has filled the Social Media Coordinator position by bringing aboard a new hire, Christie Firestine. In this evolving role, Christie will help brand Reliance One by maintaining Social Media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. She will also assist the Administrative Team with various tasks to help keep the company running efficiently. Before starting her journey at Reliance One, Christie was a full time student at Oakland University where she graduated Cum Lade with departmental honors in April 2012. She is very active in her community where she is a Cheerleading Coach for a local Middle School. Reliance One is excited to help a new graduate start a career in a field of uncharted territory. Help us track her success by “liking” Reliance One on Facebook!


Internal Promotion – Charlie Avery

July 31, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One would like to congratulate Charlie Avery on his promotion to Account Manager. His drive, dedication and hard work helped him to grow as a Recruiter and mature into an Account Management role. Jeff Gardner, Director of Sales, commented, “Charlie has earned this promotion after being a very successful Recruiter for our company. He will be responsible for handling new and existing business with our clients in Detroit and Northern Ohio.” Charlie looks forward to his new responsibility and has many people from Reliance One to lean on for support. Rob Wicker, Senior Account Executive, praised, “Charlie has provided assistance with the administration of key accounts, and he has excelled at providing exceptional customer service with emphasis on building relationships.” Reliance One is eager to see Charlie bring continued success to the team.

How to Stop Procrastinating at Work

It happens to the best of us. You get an assignment you’re not thrilled about, or have an ongoing task that is less than exciting. And so the task slips then slides all the way to the bottom of your to-do list.

Here’s how to stay productive in the face of procrastination when all you really want to do is browse Facebook:

1. Get clarification. Don’t delay action just because you’re missing information. Get clear on exactly what you’re supposed to do. Figure out the desired end result and whether there are preferred formats or processes you should use to get there.

2. Write out each step. If you had to delegate your least favorite task, how would you explain it? Write out each step for your imaginary assistant in detail. Either you’ll tire of writing out the steps and complete the task, or, once the directions are finished, the task will seem more manageable.

3. Find meaning. How does your task fit into the larger goals of the organization? If you don’t know, ask your boss to describe the ways in which your work provides value. Knowing the “why” behind the “what” often makes mundane priorities easier to stomach.

4. Do the worst first. Try doing your least preferred activities at the start of each day and at the beginning of each week. Getting tasks done right away will give you a sense of relief and achievement, and will take the pressure off the rest of your workload.

5. Or, try the easiest. If you really can’t move forward on a difficult priority, try going against conventional wisdom and do the easy tasks first. The momentum you’ll gain by crossing things off your list will give you confidence to tackle the hard task.

6. Set a repetitive schedule. When you repeat something at the same time on the same day week after week, it will become habit. Your mind won’t have a chance to procrastinate what is ingrained in your calendar. Remember, if it’s not scheduled, it’s not real.

7. Leave for lunch. Working too much is counter-productive and breeds resentment. Take a break and enjoy a view of the world that’s not blocked by your computer screen. Even a 15-minute walk down your stairwell and back can give you enough energy to get motivated.

8. Vent to an empathetic ear. A quick “Ah, this sucks!” to your girlfriend via email can allow you to let go of the negative energy blocking you from completing a task. Just make sure you’re not complaining to the people in your office.

9. Work with others. When you work alone, it can allow you to put your head down and get work done, but it can also be isolating. If you need to mix things up, try heading to the conference room with a couple colleagues and encourage each other to get things done.

10. Block distractions. Don’t make it easy on yourself to lose focus. Use software to block yourself from visiting certain websites. Try noise-cancelling headphones if your colleague starts talking too loud. When you get rid of distractions, you get rid of excuses.

These 10 tips will move those dull and difficult priorities from past-due to complete. Share what works for you to stop procrastination in the comments below.

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5 Reasons Summer is the Best Time to Job Hunt

Are your hopeful inquiries to job posts going unanswered?

Struggling to keep motivated after a bunch of rejection emails (if you’re lucky enough to even receive acknowledgment you exist?)

Finding it borderline impossible anymore to sit down and write a cover letter after a long day at work?

Lucky for you, along with all the other added benefits of summer — the warm weather and longer days bring a much needed boost to your job hunt and motivation.

Check out these five reasons summer can be your best job hunting season:

1. Longer daylight hours means less time crunch

Remember in December when you left work and it was pitch black outside? Talk about sleep-inducing!

Longer daylight hours trick our biological clocks into thinking we have more time. In an article explaining the added benefits of “Springing Forward”, Mary Schmich of the Chicago Tribune writes, “There’s nothing we want more in life than time, and light feels like time.”

So use all that extra time to rework your resume AND go for a run all before dark.  No more choosing between the two!

2. Summer = Social

When the weather gets nice, everyone goes outside, which provides the perfect excuse to attend as many networking functions as possible.

Always feel a bit awkward standing alone at a seminar at some University or convention center? No problem. Networking events hosted at baseball stadiums or outdoor venues provide a much more relaxed environment for getting to know other professionals. Warmer weather means more mingling!

3. Vacations to the beach? How about office buildings instead?

I know, it doesn’t sound as fun as partying with your friends at their beach house (no one said job hunting was fun), but summer months allow the perfect opportunity to leave the office a little early.

In an article for CNN Money, Patty Coffey of Winter Wyman suggests summer allows employees time to “slip away unnoticed,” and that “August is a good time to take a ‘job search vacation,’ where you use some vacation days to conduct a week-long blitz of intense searching and interviewing.”

While these “vacations” may not sound enticing, they will pay off big in the long run.

4. You can actually enjoy the time you spend job searchingMaybe…

Instead of being cooped up at home on the couch, warmer weather allows the opportunity to take your laptop outside and enjoy the sun while you job hunt. (And maybe get a tan!)

Goodbye hunching over a computer at your desk or in the library. Go to a park or sit at a picnic bench to draft your resume. Just go easy on the people watching.

5. More activities mean more options

While more relaxing activities like beach reading are now available, you also have more opportunities to join different groups or organizations. Websites like give you the chance to not only meet new people, but do it in fun and interesting ways by joining a hiking club or weekly biking group.

If working up a sweat isn’t your thing, try a new book club or cooking group. These activities build not only your group of friends, but also your network of professional connections.

Regardless of what you choose to do with the next months of beautiful weather, be sure to take advantage of all summer has to offer. You won’t regret it once the shorter days and colder weather moves back in.

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Edited on 8/1/12 for Reliance One