Reliance One Partners with Global EMERGENT to Accelerate Growth

Auburn Hills, Mich. August 15, 2012– Reliance One, a Michigan based national staffing firm has selected Global EMERGENT, headed by automotive insider Herb Everss, to help build and accelerate the Reliance One brand among automotive executive decision makers globally. With exceptionally strong growth over the past two years and new headquarters, Reliance One is aiming to taking their business to an even higher level, becoming a strategic partner for fiscally minded companies with a growing demand for high level human resources placement.  “We have recognized that firms are working hard and smart to do more with less personnel says Reliance One President, Jim Beath.  “While our core business is staffing, it has become obvious to us that aspect of servicing Human Resources is expanding to include programs with colleges and universities, building up new hires for the future, coaching and guidance skills to clients who have identified candidates for upward mobility, and technology tools that allow us immediate access to the optimum candidates.  Our intent is to be strategic partners in every phase of interaction with our clients, by being a full-service human resource development provider” continues Beath.

With over 35 years of international experience in the automotive industry, Global EMERGENT will facilitate these opportunities for Reliance One; an extensive executive network for one-to-one meetings with key executives, in event settings and selected trade shows, and overall strategic guidance.  Global EMERGENT President Herb Everss and his team are an effective “match maker” for the mutual benefit of both parties.  “It takes years of prospecting to even get to the top level decision makers, that Herb and his team provides valuable shortcuts, because he has ready access to the very people we seek to connect with, says Beath, “by partnering with Global EMERGENT, we are able to present our value proposition at the highest levels in targeted organizations.”.

“It’s proven that in the business cultivating process, effective use of strong relationships enables companies and those wanting to do business with them, provides the maximum benefit by getting those people together in the traditional one to one meeting environments.” Reliance One’s management team welcomes the coaching and guidance to achieve their aggressive growth objectives,” continues Everss.  “By providing experienced mentorship, with the assistance of Keith Stone, EVP of Intellitrends LLC for strategic development, exposure to industry executives, the team of Reliance One is poised to become the top staffing company in the region.  Their business model, desire for success and energy has served them well, and it is my pleasure to promote their firm.”

About Global EMERGENT INC. Global EMERGENT, Inc. is an automotive strategic business development company, founded by Herbert Everss. Everss’ career includes 35 years of international experience in the automotive industry, with concentrated expertise in new business development with such companies as Walbro, Siemens Automotive, Mannesmann VDO, Textron and European companies new to the North American auto industry.  His work with clients in the business development process helps to reduce the time and investment required for market entry and expansion in the United States.  Clients include The Thomas Group, SAE International, MBtech, the State of Kentucky, Prettl, Rostra Precision Controls, Navistar, Inc., CST, CU-ICAR, IAV-Engineering, Siemens PLM Software, TI Automotive & Hella.

About Intellitrends — Marlene Stone founded Intellitrends, LLC in 1989.  Intellitrends is a full service market vision company providing customer research and intelligence studies, customer and employee satisfaction studies, WIN/LOSS reviews to enable companies to establish a benchmark of best sales practices to help them win more business, and focus groups and mock trial programs.  Intellitrends’ basic philosophy is each resulting research project should not become “desk ware.”  They have the depth and understanding to provide information that is actionable and measurable.
About Reliance One — Reliance One, Inc. is a Michigan Corporation, founded in 1998 by Jim Beath and Jim Paquette. Reliance One is a provider of staffing solutions and is a recognized leader in the industry. We provide organizations with flexible solutions that translate to improved performance, reduced costs and timely resources.
Under the direction of the leadership team, Reliance One has exceeded both revenue and profits over the last 13 years. The company has grown to a multi-state Recruiting Service that has over 200 diverse clients that rely on our services. Recognized by Crain’s Detroit Business as one of the Top 20 Largest Staffing-Service Companies in Michigan we have three offices in Michigan.

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