A Special Thank You to Reliance One’s Summer Interns

August 14, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One launched the Summer 2012 Internship Program by hiring four reputable interns. With the debut of such a program, Reliance One was hoping to teach young adults about entrepreneurship and offer an opportunity for students to gain applicable, hands-on work experience. Morgan Leaym, Alex Jones, Nick Nawrocki and Lindsey Krasny helped to complete the Reliance One team. By working in recruiter positions, the interns worked hard to find candidate’s great job opportunities. “I love the feeling of getting someone a job, it’s so rewarding”, Morgan commented. During the summer months these dedicated students gained valuable skills they will take with them to their future endeavors.  Nick said, “This experience gave me insight to the real world, it was a great opportunity.” Lead by their Account Managers and fellow employees, the interns learned the ropes of recruiting and gained exposure to the corporate world. Reliance One provided the interns training and hands on experience in a professional environment, however, the interns returned the favor by helping to accelerate growth of the company. Chris Brelinski, Senior Technical Recruiter said, The Interns have been a pleasant addition to the company and will be missed. They were open to learning the business and quickly grasped the skills necessary to be a benefit to the organization.” Reliance One would like to thank Morgan, Nick, Alex, and Lindsey for their efforts this summer and would like to wish them all the best!

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