Make the Most Out of a Temporary Position

At Reliance One, some of the positions we look to fill are temporary or short term assignments that are for a fixed amount of time. We have found that a lot of companies need support for a lot longer than they initially anticipated or a position may become available.You should always make the most out of any opportunity you are given – temporary or not. Here are some helpful hints on how to navigate the field and take advantage of your situation.

1)      Keep your options open. When you take temporary or project-based assignments, you have time to find out what jobs are for you and what aren’t. Short- term jobs can help you decide what avenue you want to explore next. “Staffing companies hire for all types of skills, from the fast food industry and warehousing to IT specialists and corporate executives.”

2)      Build your skills. Each position offers an opportunity to learn new skills and build you resume. Get involved in as many projects as possible and talk to experienced team members to gain valuable insights. “Take online courses to gain certifications and make yourself more marketable. Many courses are low cost and sometimes free.”

3)      Be flexible. If you’re seeking a full-time job it’s important to let your personal and social networks know that you are open to temporary or project-based assignments as well. Employers like to know your open to more than one thing. Marketing yourself as flexible could open more doors. If you’re in a temporary or contract position let the Supervisor that you would be open to a longer term position. Be sure to ask if you can use them as a reference in the future when you’re applying at other companies.

4)      Tweak your resume. Whether you’re fresh out of college or a senior-level executive there is always room to expand on a resume. The experiences you gain at a temporary position will help build your resume and give you current work experience to share. Employers today are focusing more skills, and experience. Detailing the projects you oversee, and highlighting major career successes, including those you accomplished during temporary assignments will give your resume the added boost it needs.

5)      Give your temporary position your all. Take advantage of everything a temporary job offers. Network with everyone you meet and give your best every day. Don’t think of your assignments as “just a temp job”, it could potentially turn into a full-time position.

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