Megan Mahaffy – New Recruiter!

This week, at Reliance One, Megan Mahaffy begins her journey as a new Recruiter! Megan spent last week training with Senior Technical Recruiter, Alicia Bradley. Alicia mentioned, “Megan was very focused and committed during the training week.  I’m looking forward to watching her develop here, and I have no doubt she will succeed in a recruiting role and beyond.” Megan was motivated from the moment she walked into Reliance One, her goal is to grow into an Account Management position. Megan’s drive mirrored her success at Saginaw Valley State University where she graduated with a Marketing Degree. After school, Megan worked as a Field Examiner but desired more interaction with others, which is something she will do daily at Reliance One. “We are excited to have Megan join our team and feel she has the background and experience that will make her a key contributor to the Reliance One Team.” Rob Wicker, Senior Account Executive speaks for the group with his statement. Welcome aboard Megan!

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