Internal Promotion!

ImageJuly 16, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One welcomed Ericka Bush to the corporate headquarters where she will embark on a new career as a Recruiter. Ms. Bush originally applied at a client site for a temporary test driving position and was hired immediately. Through her drive and dedication to her job, Erika outperformed and excelled at any task she was assigned.  As a result, Erika was promoted to a Customer Service position where she hired, scheduled and managed more than 500 test drivers. Her charismatic attitude and ability to work with people has established an opportunity to further her career in a more permanent role. “I am very excited to watch Ericka grow into a successful Recruiter with Reliance One. It is great to see a company offering a variety of career paths and advancement to those that have earned it,” said Kevin Gay, Account Manager who will be her new boss. Ericka is thrilled to be promoted and the team at Reliance One is eager to watch her thrive in the new role.

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