Jeff Gardner – Vice President of Sales

Jeff Gardner joined the Reliance One Management Team in 2007.  In his previous experience, Jeff began his career as a recruiter, established an Information Technology (IT) Division at a nationwide staffing company, and then was promoted to National Account Manager.  With an entrepreneurial drive and focused on working with people, Jeff, James Beath, and James Paquette decided to join forces and merge Jeff’s company, Viscon, into Reliance One. Jeff’s focus is on the development of the Sales and Recruiting Departments and to grow Reliance One from a Regional to a National Staffing Company.  Since the merger took place, more than 5 years ago, Reliance One has experienced tremendous growth internally and externally.

Jeff inspires employees to exceed expectations and his energy is focused on client connections and relationships between team members. His main goal is to impact peoples’ lives by instilling a sense of ownership in his staff.  Gardner takes great pride when team members achieve personal goals based on maturing professionally.  Building teams, rather than employees embodies Jeff’s vision of success.

As a Trustee with the Goodrich School Board Jeff is very passionate about his community and always stands to make a difference. Gardner admires his wife Michelle for her career accomplishments and work ethic at General Motors where she is a Director in Engineering at the Warren Tech Center.  Jeff and Michelle also have a son Alex who is entering his 11th grade year at Goodrich and with a 4.0, Jeff humbly admits that he “got his mothers smarts.” In his spare time, Jeff appreciates vacationing with his family and friends at his family cabin on Secord Lake in Northern Michigan.

2 thoughts on “Jeff Gardner – Vice President of Sales

  1. Great job Jeff. I appreciate all that you have done for our company over the last 5 years. I truly feel that without your leadership, we may have not made it through the economic disaster of 2008 & 2009. Your efforts have absolutely shaped our company into the industry leader that we have become today. I can attest that you have personally helped me tremendously in my career . . . Not only in my sales abilities but as a leader (and now Executive) as well. Your business sense is second to none in our industry.

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