James Paquette – Vice President / Co-Founder

James “Jim” Paquette started Reliance One in 1998 bringing years of business experience combined with a passion to create a company that sets the bar in the staffing industry.  Working in Business – to – Business sales before he cofounded Reliance One, he consulted with several different companies within a variety of industries, which provided strategic insight to operational effectiveness with a focus on customer service. Jim’s aspiration is to make working with Reliance One a unique experience for both clients and employees.

Focusing most of his attention on the employee side of the staffing industry, Paquette had a vision to change the way business was done. Jim pursued his goal to change operations; he introduced systems and processes that resulted in prompt follow-up and better communication between the employees and clients. Jim established a company that contract employees can proudly say they belong to and continues fostering his vision to ensure that his employees consistently “build teams” and surpass client expectations.

Paquette is a member of Toastmasters Michigan, which promotes continued learning and public speaking, and ITT Engineering Curriculum Advisory Board where he reviews the academic syllabus from an employer’s standpoint. He provides useful suggestions and amendments to the current curriculum, which relates back to the workforce.  A dedicated family man, Jim loves to attend his two kids’ sporting events and vacationing at the family cabin. Whether playing a game of golf or on his volleyball team, Jim’s competitive edge carries into all aspects of his life.

2 thoughts on “James Paquette – Vice President / Co-Founder

  1. Congratulations Jim on a job well done. We’ve surely got a long way to go. But, it feels great to see you be recognized for your efforts over the years. Thanks for helping create a special company that offers us all the opportunity of a lifetime.

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