Reliance One Announces Chris Brelinski 8 Year Mark with Company

May 25, 2012, Auburn Hills, Mich. – Reliance One, Inc. is pleased to announce that Chris Brelinski, Senior Account Executive has dedicated herself to the company for eight years.  As one of Reliance One’s original employees, Chris has continually gone above and beyond and has brought many valuable relationships to the company.  Always eager to impress, Chris has worked in numerous roles both at Reliance One and onsitewith clients, including a relocation to South Carolina. She has volunteered at various events including the Michigan Hispanic Chamber’s Warehouse and Logistic Networking event and completed a Request For Proposal (RFP) for three large employers located in Downtown Detroit.  Chris has over 15 years of experience in the staffing industry and has recently become an approved vendor for a large Fortune 500 company in Toledo, OH as well as another Fortune 500 company in Detroit, MI. “Chris is a hardworking, charismatic employee and a key player in our team.  Always looking for a way to outdo herself, time and time again Chris has shown herdedication to company in a more impressive way than the last. If it wasn’t for her commitment and sacrifice, including relocating to South Carolina, the company wouldn’t be where it is today. Everyone at Reliance One owes her a debt of gratitude for everything that she has done over the years,” said Vice President James Paquette.

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