Dinner and a Movie

That Friday night tradition which starts with pizza and a movie has evolved over the years. Many restaurants now offer dinner packages for nearby movie theaters. The local Chili’s here in Auburn Hills, MI offers dinner for two with two movie passes to Star Great Lakes Crossing. Some movie theaters are even going as far as to bring the dinner to you. Called dine-in movie theaters, many chains are jumping on the bandwagon. The original concept was thought up by Brian Schultz of Studio Movie Grill. Ahead of the times, Schultz brought the idea of “dinner and a movie” to life. With the press of a button at every dinner table, a waiter will come take your order and deliver the food with out obstructing the movie view.  While there are currently no dine-in movie theaters in Michigan, keep an eye out as they are slowly expanding. This Friday there will be several new movies coming out aiming to please various crowds. The movie line-up this week is packed with action and adventure, comedy, drama, romance, horror, and even something for the kids. I know what I will be doing this Friday, dinner and a movie with a twist.


For show times check out www.moviefone.com

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