Helping the Community

Helping the community in more ways than one, Reliance One recently donated fitness equipment to Rolland- Warner Middle School in Lapeer. Not only does it help the students of the middle school, but it builds character for the company name. By providing donations to the surrounding communities, it creates a relationship between Reliance One and locals in the area. Reliance One participates in Relay for Life every year and currently hosts weekly bake sales to raise money and awareness for the campaign.

“Rolland-Warner Middle School has received a generous donation of fitness equipment from a Michigan-based staffing solutions corporation, Reliance One.  Rolland-Warner administration worked with Fitness Solutions of Plymouth to get the equipment to the school and have it properly installed.

Six used weight machines were donated to the school at the end of January and they are now set up in the room off of the gymnasium so that they can be used by students in the Personal Fitness classes for 7th and 8th graders.

Several staff members interested in fitness opportunities for students are looking into applying for grants for cardio equipment so that a fitness club can be started either before or after school for students.  PE teacher Brandon Fisher has been working with some other staff members on ideas for starting the fitness club.”- Lapeer Community Schools

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